Soundview Hunter Jumpers is based out of the Stanwood Equestrian Center in the coastal town of Stanwood, Washington. The Soundview program focuses on creating respectful riders who practice a high level of integrity and horsemanship. Soundview’s head trainer, Kelsey Huber, has over twenty years of professional hunter jumper experience. She is known for her empathetic riding and her ability to instill her students with tact, timing, and confidence. Soundview Hunter Jumpers is dedicated to providing riders with a quality experience at an affordable rate.

Soundview Hunter Jumpers provides…


Kelsey will give your horse the knowledge and finesse that it needs to be successful in the hunter, jumper, and equitation rings.


Kelsey can give you the skills and techniques that you need to be a calm and effective rider—both in the show ring and at home!


Kelsey has the expertise and connections to make selling your horse a simple, straightforward, and painless process.

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